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Rev Mbaka: I Am Happy Ihedioha And Co Were Put To Shame

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Fiery Catholic priest and founder, Adoration Ministry, Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has opened up on his controversial prophecy over the sack of former Imo governor, Emeka Ihedioha and the coming of the incumbent, Senator Hope Uzodinma, concluding that it was indeed a risky prediction.

Mbaka had prophesied that Ihedioha would be removed as Imo governor and Uzodinma sworn in to take his place. In no time, the prophecy indeed came to pass and this has drawn flaks for him from various political and religious circles, including the criticism by the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese, Most Reverend Callistus Onaga. In his reaction to the attacks against him, Mbaka had said he had forgiven those who criticized his prophecy on the Imo governorship tussle, which was interpreted to mean, including his boss, Bishop Onaga.

In another statement released yesterday, Mbaka who insisted he had no issues with the Bishop accused some individuals of creating an unreal frosty relationship between him and the Bishop in order to achieve their individual aims.

While reaffirming the efficacy of his prophecies, the controversial priest confirmed that his prediction on the Imo governorship was a risky one, which was only brought to manifestation by the power of the Holy Spirit.

“Thanks to God for fulfilling that risky prophecy. Some people are maliciously and wickedly putting words in my mouth in an attempt to sell their newspapers . Let them fear God and beware of the wrath of God”, he stated while protesting media reports on the relationship between him and the Catholic Bishop of Enugu Diocese.

He said, “Help me to correct the mendacious, heinous and horrendous impression given by the press over my relationship with my Bishop. I have no problem with my Bishop. Am I forgiving him for what? I didn’t say that I have forgiven my bishop as they reported. I rather opined that I have forgiven all those who maligned me when I prophesied, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, that Hope Uzodimma is going to be the governor of Imo state.”

At the wake of the crisis generated by Mbaka’s prophecy, Bishop Onaga reportedly instructed Catholic faithful to disregard the prophecy. Mbaka had on Wednesday during his second thanksgiving and praises at his Adoration Ground in Enugu, wondered why there was so much dust reaction to his Imo prophecy when he prophesied late General Sani Abacha’s death, late President Umaru Yar’Adua, as well as President Muhammadu Buhari’s take over from former President Goodluck Jonathan.

“All these came to pass, why is this one so catastrophic? Those who attacked me, who is now a loser, is it you or me? Holy Spirit told me that Hope Uzodinma was going to become the governor of Imo state and I should obey God rather.

“My joy is that Ihedioha and co who wanted to act as Queen of Persia, to swallow the God’s gift given to Imolites were put to shame yesterday (Tuesday) by the apex court of the nation. It is now the end of the road for Ihedioha. Uzodinma can now relax and carry out his outstanding job in Imo.

“If not because of God, the message of January 31st would have been truncated. When the judgment saga was going on, I was in my chapel praying, at the time they went for break, I left the chapel and wanted to go and see people, on my way, a message came to me that I should return to chapel to avoid being put to shame. It is not over! I went back to chapel, continued my intercession till 3 pm they finished the case. So, I heard from above. I have forgiven you, people. It is a lack of foresight to understand the things of the spirit. Anyway, the attack also popularises me, thanks for that”, Mbaka had said.

He cautioned the Church and all those who are perturbed by his God’s gift, that they should know his gift did not just come when he became a priest.

“When I was in Primary and secondary school I had started seeing the vision and doing mysterious things about God. Attacking me is a waste of time, that will not stop God in sending messages to me. So you attackers, use your time and do meaningful something for yourself”, he added.

Fr. Mbaka who despite divergent views over his Imo prophecy has continued to touch lives through several charity works last week doled out N28 million to offset medical bills of patients at Annunciation Specialist Hospital, Enugu.

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