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Isn't it amazing that Nigeria is even a more preferred country to be treated for Coronal virus infection? The Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar would have taken his son abroad for treatment, even the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Yari, would have travelled abroad for perfect treatment, couple with other dignitaries involved. However, with the public condemnation of the act of travelling abroad for treatment over the years, no one seemed to be listening, only for nature to take its iron hands to put things in place and correct the abnormalies.

Be as it may, I think we have all understood the supremacy of God, when Covid-19 did not even pave room for congregants to pray fervently in the Church, Mosque and other places.It then means, God is powerful.It has really baffled me, in the past, when I observed the numbers of  people who have been enslaved through the doctrine of their various religious leaders.
Many so -called Ministers of God have enriched themselves at the expense of their followers, establishing more businesses from the church accrued profit such as Schools, even to the university level with unaffordable school fees to their members. I think this is the high time we all realised and came back to our senses in order to stop enslavement of the publics through religions and to further isolate ourselves from unnecessary  and unwarranted politics going on at where supposed to be a sacred place of God.
Ordinarily, no government can pronounce total shut down of Mosques, Churches and others without being exposed to different public oppositions. But,, God Himself had done this to widen our horizons to further understand that'
1  the government of the land is the highest authority.
2. no man should be adored except HIM, the Almighty God.
3. no man has the highest authority except Him, the almighty God.
4. any creature puts at the corridor of power is with God's consent
5  HE (GOD) can remove  or deal with any one in power, no matter the position holding.
6. no one should oppress his fellow human being in whatever way.
7. when you are in power, do the needful to ensure development in various sectors, for there is no place like home(Nigeria).
8. this is the God's warning , calling everyone to repent and amend his ways.
9.we the electorate's should never be deceived in voting our leaders into offices.
Above all, my brethren, it is the time both our Political / Religious leaders have the fear of God in whatever they do. The Governments at their various levels should develop our infrastructures, health sector, now no one will allow himself/herself to be taken abroad for treatment, please this storm will soon be over. Once, it is over, don't forget, if you do..., this is just the warning. Our education needs to be attended to as a matter of urgency and other various sectors in Nigeria.
I wish us all well in this trying period, the storm will soon be over but, by not folding of arms. Our Government, thank you so much for working assiduously. Those already affected, I pray God will heal them. Government should on the other hands,see to the provision of food stuffs in the market  to ease the effects of this period on the general publics
Have we all learnt our lessons? Will those at the corridors of power have the interest of their citizens? Will government see to the total development of our country as regards various sectors? Will the religious leaders stop rivalry with our GOD Almighty?

Tope Bankole.

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