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He's a miracle working God/2 He's the Alpha and Omega, He's a miracle working God. What is miracle? Miracle, according to the Oxford dictionary, third edition, defined it as "the wonderful event attributed to a supernatural agency, remarkable event or thing". Therefore, the present pandemic situation, which is globally pronounced as 'Corona Virus' or 'Covid-19' is a wonderful event attributed to  a supernatural agency.

The question to be asked is simple. Why do we find ourselves in this situation? The answer also, should be simple that, it is for us to learn and be free totally from the dictators who have predominantly controlled and shaped our existence. I received a phone call on Sunday morning, 28/03/2020, when a friend who is an Elder in the church, reported to me, how the pastor of his assembly mandated it for them to show up briefly, just to pay their tithes/offerings and go back home.

He explained to me that, he was annoyed to the extent that he asked the pastor, what provisions do they have for the less privileged in the church who are passing through this hard period? All your concerns is just to pay tithes and offerings. I told him, he wouldn't have argued, but, just obey the highest authority of the land (Government).

It is quite unequivocal, for us to know the truth and the truth should set us free. God is great! He is everywhere and he is so powerful. He answers prayers through His only begotten Son. But, I must confess, with the lessons, we have all learnt, let us now go to another era, a chess board so to speak, when the congregants will do exactly as God stated in His book "BIBLE". Therefore, if you are a christian or Muslim, you must then learn how to read the Biblie and Quran very well in order to get yourself acquainted with the words of God.

I had over time seen to this  occurrence, my wife called me and said, you have on several occasions repeated that soon, everybody will sit at home to worship God. Also, a friend, called to attest to this. This was not a prophesy at all. But, a mere observation of happenings in  the Church and overtime my personal perceptions and experiences.

I must confess, I am an officer in the Church, but if heaven is our target truly, we should address the conduct in the Church of God. Let me ask, what is the primary motive of going to church? Is it to make heaven? To me, it's 'NO'. The primary motive is to be in peace with every man kind while on earth. Are we? Making heaven is secondary. But, we do have a bastardized doctrine, sermons and the rest.

I beseech us, never leave your faith on any Overseer or founder of the church. God is the epitome of our faith. Call on him, he will answer. If the church is not comfortable to serve your God, stay at home, constitute the habit of waking up in the mid night , pray fervently, you will achieve the same result,  better than staying amongst false doctrine and fake people.

I had never been to Mosque, I wouldn't know the conduct going there in. But, if it  is same as practised in most churches, all I am asking for is to change totally and uphold the tenets of God Almighty. I am not an antagonist. I do not believe in any other thing than the name of Jesus Christ and God. But, God is not happy with the levels of crime everywhere.

Now, everyone is confused, all the leaders in their various categories across globe are confused, even the residents. But, 'HE' knows what He's doing. The rapture is not now, end is not now, repentance for everyone is now!

Corona Virus will disappear as if it has never occurred. Businesses will bounce back, things will take its shape.  But, many will forget the experience and the lessons learnt from this "MIRACLE".

Mr President, Members Of the National Assembly, Members Of the House of Representatives, Ministers, Governors, Members of the House of Assembly, Commissioners and others.

Have we all agreed that, no place like our home? After we might have subdued this 'devilish - Godly instrument of change'I beg us all in the name of God, kindly see to the development of our dear country,  "NIGERIA".

Thank you all & God bless Nigeria.

'Tope Bankole
Zonal Information Officer.

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