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Kids Teens Splash Denmark July 2024

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Nollywood Actor, Blessing Anthony Ani in an exclusive interview with TMnews, narrates how she managed to penetrate into this highly competitive Entertainment industry, Nollywood since 2007.

A focused and dedicated Actor cum CEO of Partigram Entertainment made her debut appearance in Nigerian film industry in the year 2007 in ‘Palace On Fire’ She had featured in over 30 movies urban,epic and several others, both online and TV. She hails from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Enugu State precisely and grew up in Lagos having demonstrated her vision with passion which made her a celebrity today.

A content creator, writer, producer and event person who influences both products and brands is a lover of kids and always like to engaged in Charity, an ambitious role model that believes in investing in humanity at large. Which is the best investment ever according to her. This led to her partnership with many reputable NGO’s on different empowerment programs in skill acquisitions and innovations and have earned herself prestigious awards "Most Creative Actress Award in 2017’’and "Miss Intelligent Nollywood in 2012", making her a Beauty Queen! No doubt she is a promising figure amongst her peers.
Blessing Anthony Ani is an ex-beauty queen with vision and  former Assistant Secretary, Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Lagos state chapter,as she disclosed during an interview with TMnews.

Can we meet you please? Thank you very much! My name is Blessing Anthony Ani ,I’m from Enugu State, Umisu village to be precise, I’m the first out of four Chirldren of my parent, I love God so much because He thought me a lot , especially Patience! Which is very important in our day to day lives and in a industry like ours!
I’m an Actor, producer, writer, voice over artist, brand influencer, ex beauty queen, content creator ceo Partigram Entertainment and formal Assistant Secretary Actors Guild Of Nigeria (AGN) Lagos State Chapter.

As an Actor what are your challenges so far? Well, for me I would say my challenges is the attitude of some of my colleagues especially on set, my god I wander what it costs to be nice to people? Because being rude and arrogant cost a lot of energy! And for me I can’t stand it when an individual run other people down because it will just kill their vibes and make them feel less of themselves!
Then another challenge I will like to talk about is when Actors on set comes late or wasted time unnecessarily! Which may lead to extended time and we all know that we plan ourselves especially maybe when you have to leave at a particular time to meet up with other engagements!
So those are just the ones i deliberately wanna outline you know .so that as we improve in ourselves let’s also imbibe the right attitude to work and life and those around us because everyone is important! And we should try not be selfish and also put others into consideration as regards doing what we’re supposed to do at the right time and even if their will be a delay have the courtesy of tendering an apology to everyone on set including the crew! Not acting like they’re invincible!
What kind of role do you play in your previous movies? Wow ok have play two different characters in one movie a lawyer and a bar tender, have played bad girl (drinking,smoking & clubbing) wife , girlfrd, singer , drug addict, Killer & daughter!
Do you think Lagos have influenced your career? Lagos has actually influenced my carrier positively! even though I travel out of Lagos to film! And Once they know you’re from Lagos the expectations are usually high you know ! But as an Actor you move around pending on the project and what is to be achieved! So I can say I love the fact I live in Lagos but still connect!

Are you on any endorsement for now ? For now, No, my contracts have expired so none

Who is your role model? Omotola Jolade

What should Nigerians expect from you in 2023? The best of me in movies! And a successful Entrepreneur!

Apart from Acting, What else do you do? Well if am not Acting am either on the set as a co-producer and if am not producing then am doing my business or organizing events or touching lives through innovative programs & skill acquisition empowerment program!

What's your advice for the youth aspiring for Acting! Patience !!!! Patience is said to be a virtue which is vital in anything we do or want to be! because if I say have been in the industry since 2007 till date which is approximately 16years now and still counting ,immediately I finished secondary school and I was not in it full time because I got my admission into the university and I was working and schooling. So I was on and off because I have to earn money and be responsible but I never gave up on my dreams and love for Acting ! And here we are am now doing it full time! But one thing is, I learnt a lot all these years and have learnt so much that I can produce my own content write  and do stuffs that has to do with my profession so it was worth it and I’m still here! So patiently pass each stage and be desperate for nothing only to succeed and what to do with stardom when it comes because for me I want to use the platform to reach out to my world positively! everyone has their time but until then keep your dream alive! Stay focused! And yes I didn’t start earning immediately be ready to serve take advantage of every opportunity to showcase yourself and even when you’re turned down know it’s for good !

What's your expectation for the nearest future? Life is stages and as an Actor or a business person your family Frds close ,extended everyone that is in contact with you or someone that knows a person that knows you ! Have to know you for what you do which I have passed that Stage all thanks to GOD! Then the stage I am is aside from the Directors & Producers that have worked with it’s extending and am getting new deals all thanks to GOD. In the nearest future I want the world to recognize me for my craft! And i thank GOD for that !

What gives you inspiration? GOD!
GOD is a creator! And HIS creations are beautiful! So I’m creating my own space and world so I can impact my world positively with my resources putting smiles on peoples face even as I entertain them with my GOD given gift!
Thank you very much!
TMnews you guys rock!

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