Lagos Police Brutalize 30-Yr-Old Barber, Threaten Him With Court - TM NEWS ONLINE

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Lagos Police Brutalize 30-Yr-Old Barber, Threaten Him With Court

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Lagos Police Brutalize 30-Yr-Old Barber, Threaten Him With Court
By Felix Mordi
Despite incessant admonitions by police authorities to their operatives to be civil in their dealings with members of the public, it has been observed that, while some adhere strictly to the administrative order, some have chosen to be recalcitrant and still go about to exhibit their overzealousness and brute victimization of innocent citizens in the name of being police operatives.

Imagine a 30-year-old barber, Azeez Ibrahim Mayowa who, was brutalized to the point of sustaining serious injury on his left leg by policemen attached to the Surulere Division in Lagos over a framed-up allegation of "fighting policemen".

The young man, in spite of the injury, was bundled into the police chartered commercial vehicle and whisked to their station, detained overnight and released on bail, on meeting their monetary condition.

Crime Puzzle scooped that the operatives, who hinge on inadequate manpower and engage the services of unemployed youths as ad-hoc personnel to complement their daily exploitative agenda on innocent citizens, took their unethical professional misconduct to Ogunlana Drive in Surulere, Lagos, on Thursday, July 1, 2021, where they committed the atrocity.

Reliving his ordeal to pressmen, the victim, a barber, whose shop is on 117, Ogunlana Drive in Surulere, Lagos said: "On that fatefull day, I was in front of my shop when a commercial motorcyclist dropped one of my customers. I observed that three guys came from no where and started molesting the bike man. For the sake of the customer he brought, I had to plead on behalf of the okada rider, even though I did not know what could have transpired between them.

"All entrities I made fell on their deaf ears. Along the line, a passerby whispered to my hearing that the men work with police as advoc personnel. On hearing that, I made a bid to withdraw from the scene. The next thing I saw was that the three men came closer and started raining blows on me. Then came policemen, in two buses, shouting "you are fighting policemen". I tried explaining to them, but rather than listen to me, they began to hit me with sticks, during which I sustained a very serious injury on the leg".

"Still not done with that, they bundled me into one of the buses and took me to their station, collected my phone and later gave it back to me at about 10:45pm to call whoever would come for my bail. I then had to call my boss, Mr. Jude, who did all he could to get me released that night. Probably because they did not reach a compromise on how much was required for my bail, my boss left in anger.

"It was then, they incidented the case in the crime diary and flung me into the cell, only to be granted bail the following morning at about 11:00am, after my boss met their demand", Azeez stated.
Having heard from the complainant, Felix Mordi sent a WhatsApp message to the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who replied almost immediately, saying he was not aware of the incident but promised to make enquiries from the DPO and get back to our reporter.

Adejobi later sent a recorded voice message to the effect that he spoke with the DPO and that he (DPO) was engrossed with rage and threatened to charge Azeez to court.

The PPRO, in his wisdom, ordered that the complainant should see him in his Oduduwa office in Ikeja,, so as to personally here from him and know how to handle the issue.

On Monday, July 5, the injured barber, despite the reeling pains from the leg, went to Oduduwa to see the PPRO, was unfortunately, not available, having proceeded for a short course.

However, to ensure that justice was not denied the seemingly helpless young man, but dispensed adequately, Adejobi detailed his Administrative Officer to listen to the complainant and act.

The Administrative Officer, Crime Puzzle gathered, put a call through to the DPO who, it was further learnt, could not give  convincing reasons for their wicked action, but only insisted on charging the innocent man to court, a development that irked the officer to availing the complainant with his phone number, in the event of an attempt to rearrest and take him to court.

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