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Dapo Abiodun's Contract Review Committee Gives a Clean Bill of Health to Amosun’s Government

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Mr Jibola Balogun
A public Affairs Analyst, Sagamu, Ogun State
Yesterday was the first time Governor Dapo Abiodun-led government earned my respect for coming out boldly to reveal the true status of government  projects it inherited in May 2019 especially in terms of on going projects in Ogun State.  This has indeed put paid to lots of lies and misinformation that have emanated from some overzealous aides in the past.

On Tuesday 8th September, 2020, a committee set up by Governor Abiodun to review projects and contracts executed in Ogun State between 2009-2019 submitted its report, having sat for a period of 15 months.!!!
Gov. Abiodun made it clear that the purpose of the project review committee was to evaluate the contracts award, execution and performance of  the administration of Senator Ibikunle Amosun and two years of Otunba Gbenga Daniel  from 2009 - 2019.

After several months of investigation and evaluation of projects under Senator Amosun's administration the committee gave the past government a clean bill of health for the efforts in laying a good infrastructural  foundation with populist approach. The Committee in its report gave admiration for the hindsight of the immediate past government of Ogun State led by the visionary Senator Ibikunle Amosun in the projects conceived during the period under review.

The Committee Chairman, without equivocation stated  that a total of 114 projects were reviewed with a redeemable minimum funding of 50%. What this means is that Amosun was indeed ambitious by trying to satisfy citizens of Ogun  State with such projects even in the midst of scarce funds.

I am sure that the committee may have limited itself in its assignment because many schools and health centers built and renovated by SIA government were not  captured in the reports.
What gladens my heart is that  the report  showed that the contractors actually had confidence in the government  of Amosun  to have worked based on the principle of 'contractor finance' up to the tune of N20b. Only a credible administration can earn such confidence from contractors.

Unfortunately too, the committee may have ommitted the fact that Federal Government is owing Ogun State government about 120b naira for roads projects executed in Ogun State during  the period under review.

Kudos to Ogun State government team of 2011 to 2019 for fantastic jobs done in rebuilding Ogun State.

 This was reflected in the Dapo Abiodun's Committee reports. None of the cabinet members of Amosun adminstration was invited or questioned for any infraction, negligence or inefficiency in the handling of the projects executed by the last administration in Ogun State in the period under review. This is an attestation to the fact that the projects were executed according to specifications and at reasonable costs.

The committee indeed affirmed by extraction that  the contracts were awarded in line with established best practices and due process.

Governor Abiodun's resolve to complete some of the  on-going projects initiated  by Amosun's administration is a cursor that  he shares, not only in Amosun's Mission to Rebuild, but also appreciates the standard with which the projects were initiated and executed between 2011-2019 in Ogun State.

This is a clear vindication of Senator Amosun’s astuteness, ingenuity and altruistic disposition to rebuild  Ogun State infrastructurally and financially. The SIA administration inherited a poor financial base and aggressively pursue an enviable level of sustainable  internally generated revenue and development of a  secured society to an unprecedented level.

The resolve of Dapo Abiodun to continue the projects  inherited from Amosun is a welcome development and it affirms the believe that his administration acknowledge that SIA  projects were indeed important to the lives and economic development of Ogun State citizens.

God bless Ogun State.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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