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The State Coordinator for APC youth league and SA to Ogun Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun on Youth and Sport, Comrade Olamide Lawal has said that the Ogun Freedom Walk was made possible by a collection of efforts, ideas, and contributions from different quarters. He said it to show his overwhelming joy on the successful hosting of the Ogun Freedom Walk which was held yesterday in the city center of Abeokuta.

According to the statement which was made available to TMnews Magazine with the headline "Sincere Appreciation to all" adding that "I feel so humble to appreciate all our partners and supporters of the Ogun Freedom Walk 2020 and to have the honour to convey my profound gratitude to you all"

"The Ogun Freedom Walk was made possible by a collection of efforts, ideas, and contributions from different quarters."

"The initiative was borne out of the fact that we now enjoy a reasonable degree of political tolerance in Ogun State, where rights and freedom of people are guaranteed despite holding different political views, ideas, and choices, which was made possible by His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR."

"The Freedom Walk acknowledged the political tolerance displayed by the Iperu born Prince; where, despite the media attacks, plus the physical attacks and humiliations suffered by the supporters of His Excellency during the build up to the 2019 gubernatorial election at the hands of the immediate past government, His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun has exhibited a high spirit of political tolerance, where the door to a greater Ogun State has been widely opened for all to join in "Building our Future Together"

"Political intolerance had become the reason many engage in violent acts during electioneering periods. To be political intolerant has birthed the fruit of hatred, bitterness, and societal devidedness amongst many in our society."

"Beyond the political parties involved in elections, beyond the supports they enjoy, beyond the active players in it, people have a right to their political views and choices and expressing such choices peacefully on the ballot."

"Many bared witness to the series of  oppressions that the supporters of His Excellency were subjected to for having a different political choice, yet, he has decided to include all in his government. This is why we embarked on the Freedom Walk, preaching tolerance to everyone"

"We enjoyed a great level of support from all 20 local governments, all of whom were well represented in their hundreds to be a part of the Freedom walk"

"Turn out was massive, it was beyond our imagination, even as we acknowledge that it was the contribution of many partners that gave us such a fruitful result"

"APC party leaders, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the Freedom Walk would not have achieved so much success if it wasn't for your supports towards it"

"The feat achieved by the Freedom Walk was only achievable in the imaginations of many, doubts were cast, but the messages were well passed and no one can deny knowledge of it."

"To our Lead Discussant, Rt. Hon. Olakunle Taiwo Oluomo, the Honourable Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly and other discussants, thank you for being great mentors in the society; you are a reason for the success achieved!
Thank you for being the kind of positive influencers that we can always count on, we really appreciate you"

"All youth groups in Ogun State and beyond, all of your sacrifices and hard works did not go unnoticed. My team and I are in awe of you. We respect you, and we are grateful for your heartfelt giving of yourselves in the service to others"

"We also appreciate the efforts of our political leaders who contributed their precious resources - be it donations, expertise, or time in service of the people of Ogun State."

"My team and I regard ourselves as fortunate to have received your support for an idea that was conceived and that was also implemented so successfully."

"To the whole leaders and members of APC Youth League, who dedicated time and resources to the success of the Freedom Walk, I appreciate your positive attitudes, let's continue with the same spirit"

"The weeks leading to the freedom walk is nothing but a life experience - it is difficult to explain in a few short words the true measure of our accomplishments as a result of it"

"Our deepest gratitude goes to our father, Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR, whose unusual show of political tolerance gave birth to the Freedom Walk initiative. Thank you for being there every step of the way"

"It takes a unique personality to do the job, and we appreciate that unique personality, we depend on it. Thank you all!!!!!"

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