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The Immoral Oluwaseyi Oke aka Uncle Cake has been busted and yet to pay for his dark sins. After hiding for so many years and disappearing from Lagos, he left behind his prosperous cake business which is now moribund.

Seyi’s facebook page shows that he has turned into a sex pet on the streets of Toronto, Canada. Luck is no longer on his side and our reliable source (name withheld) have it that nowadays, he drills ‘white bums’.

Seyi’s actions have even left many in Lagos wondering what sort of demons ascended on this young man who had over the years built a successful cake brand for himself.

To many, it is considered an abomination and the greatest sin ever.

In Nigeria, Homosexuality, gay marriages and display of same-sex affection is illegal and punishable by imprisonment of up to 14 years of jail.

One of Seyi’s angry relative stressed that “People like Seyi deserve to be excommunicated or killed since he has brought shame and dishonor not only to himself but our entire clan in Ogun State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a country.

Continuing, he said: We’ve been told that Nigerian homosexuals overseas are recruiting new members within our society in the name of getting them visas to Canada, America, and Europe an act which is destroying the moral fabric of our country. We need to expose the evil in our society and bring these so-called Nigerian homosexuals like Seyi to order. Sanity must prevail and they should henceforth stop their nonsense.

“These so-called Nigerian gay people in the diaspora should know that Nigeria is a no joke and a cold-blooded country for gay people therefore, they need to move consciously.

“Nigeria is one of the countries in Africa which has gone against a global trend which we are hugely proud of. Homosexuality is un-African and a white man’s lifestyle which should not be imposed on the black race.

“It’s a modern-day mechanism of population control and unnatural sex practice, therefore, we call upon the Nigerian community and government to be more vigilant and hunt down these so-called sexual minorities who are sexually confused. I am confident that more dossier and bombshell will be dropped until we get rid of homosexuals in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, he said.

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