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Hon Adejoke Omoyosola Oduniyi
a.k.a Jokysam, is an outstanding grassroot political personality who marks her name with excellence within 39 years of age, raising the bar in organising, managing and directing with integrity the affairs of large group of youth from all over Nigeria for her former PDP under the aegis of Southern & Northern PDP Youth Support Intiative.

Jokysam is the candidate of the Grassroot Democratic Party of Nigeria, GDPN vying for a seat in the House of Representatives for the Amac/Bwari Federal Constituency, FCT, Abuja.
She is a Nigerian of yoruba extraction who grew up  in Amac/ Bwari Federal constituency, live and work within.

Hon Adejoke stated this while speaking with press men some days ago on things she will do differently if elected "First and foremost, I would raise the bar of qualitative representation by creating a Ward Offices all over my constituency to have direct touch with my constituents whose servant I am. My aim is to serve them better, carry them along in all I do as it concerns my stewardship to them. Every resident in my constituency is a critical stakeholder and must have a say in all I do as it concerns my stay in the House of Representatives. Therefore, my ward offices would for interactive partnership with people. It's a place where I feel their pulse directly, know their needs, wants and issues affecting their lives. The ward offices would be a place I meet my people who are my masters from time to time.

Jokysam as popularly known said, she will surely win at the poll because her vision for the people is generally accepted by the people and that she is bringing on board qualitative representation, incrastructure shall be provided for the people to function optimally. "For instance, I would ensure power supply in my area is available 24 hours. I would establish a Committee that will act as intermediary between the people and the DISCO. When there's light, everyone will be busy and more productive with less cost of production and this will enhance longevity, buoyant economy, good life... Street and Estate roads will receive attention as I would ensure the agencies whose responsibility it is to build street roads rise to the occasion. It goes beyond making laws but directly touching the lives of the people but making them enjoy the genuine dividends of democracy shall be my hallmark. Street lights would work, artisans will be busy, traders would be happy.

Jokysam is in talk with over 10 microfinance establishments that we shall engage in giving soft loans to empower our men and women to buoy and breath life into the domestic economy of the less privileged among us. Market Women will certainly have good stories to tell while we support vocational training for our teeming youth population.

The girl child in my constituency will enjoy subsidised school fees under my representation. To me, am going to serve the people and not the other way round.

She also stress on the bill that she will push as soon as the mandate is given to her  "i wish to sponsor a bill called: Elderly and Less Privilege Care Bill. This Bill will be targeted at the less privilege and the elderly in the country to ensure that the Federal Government create a Commission for these category of Nigerians. We must care for our senior citizens who bequeath on us the nation we are proud to be in. This bill will equally care for our Out Of School children and how to better their lives.

The transportation system in my metropolis is too vulnerable. A bill to increase allocation to the FCDA to acquire BRT buses to shore up the strength of the transportation sector of the Abuja metropolis will be sponsored.

Our primary health system will receive due attention as the Federal Ministry of Health will feel my pressure in the need to prioritise mother and child care within my constituency. We shall ensure that the revolution in the health sector reduces maternal mortality rate to its barest minimum.

No political party is alien. Every political party has a beginning and it's growth and development depends on the drivers of the party. For me, I've decided to drive my party in my own little way to victory by ensuring that I deliver on all my promises to the electorates - the people of Amac and Bwari constituency.

I would grow my party by growing the people. GDNP would never be found wanting in terms of service delivery and conduct in the House of Reps. All I humbly request is the solidarity and support of the people of my contituency. With them on my side, we would change the narratives of our constituency for the better.

The current lawmaker in Amac/Bwari federal constituency has gotten to his wit's end. He is of the All Progressives Congress, APC, a party synonymous with failure. He has done nothing to improve the peoples standard of living. They, members of the APC are only good at playing politics at the detriment of good governance and this is why I am handy. My major priority is to better the lives of the people. I would work tirelessly with the leader of the National Association of Market Women and Men, Chief (Mrs) Felicia Sanni, MON to ensure a better life for our women.

National Politics?

There's nothing cheery in the way the APC - led government is riding roughshod on the Nigerian people. It's a government formed and designed to fail because it's founded on deceit. That party has nothing new to offer Nigerians except perhaps, new lamentations. It's absurd and appalling for a party to lament for four years of its tenure without anything to show for it. They say they are building roads, whereas, they are patching roads. Our hospitals are comatose, educational system is suffocating - university lecturers are on strike and their Polytechnic counterparts are angling to join. Hunger is ravaging the Nigerian population while the occupants of Aso Rock are doing nothing to assuage the pains of Nigerians. What manner of a President would adamantly refuse to sign a new electoral bill into law to usher in a more transparent, acceptable, accountable, credible electoral system? President Muhammadu Buhari, is holding the entire nation into ransom as he operates like a sole administrator.

Hon Adejoke identifying the way forward for her party to win in this briefing that " the way forward is to vote out the APC government from the centre while a new party takes over. The broom party has shown enough ineptitude to govern and should be booted out of office by the Nigerian electorates.

My heart goes to the young and old in Amac/Bwari Federal Constituency. I am your humble servant and I hope you rally your support round me to succeed. Without you, I can't do it, my appeal for your vote is based on the fact that I can do it better with your support.

Join her with the constituents this Saturday 15th December, 2018 to flag-off her campaign in a dinner get-to-gether where TMnews shall report live and direct. Stay tuned.

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