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The Overwhelming elation that welcomed the news of our own Burna Boy winning the Grammy's in the Best Global Music Album Category was not limited to Nigeria, it infact transcended the African continent and the Diaspora.
Burna Boys creative infiusion of Hip-hop with the iconic late Fela Kutis Afro beat has given the global music genre a renewed Jinja which the music world has been forced to appreciate and recognise.
This is in actual fact an official recognition  of the prevailing domination of Nigerian music across Africa and the Diaspora.
Nigerian music has dominated the African music scene for years, Global music here we come.
This Grammy Awards should not only serve to glorify Nigerian music but serve as a further impetus for Burna Boy and every aspiring Nigerian Artist to focus on working harder and setting higher standards as Burna Boy himself affirmed in his acceptance speech... Dont let anybody stop your dreams and aspirations if Burna can win the Grammys  of course you can tooo... Very inspirational indeed.
The glory days for the Nigerian music Industry has just begun and long may it gloriously continue.
Burna Boys winning album had strategic collaborations and fuisions thus putting it on a right pedestal for the global. music accolade
Our own STAR BOY Wizzy an illustrious and creative artiste also won a well deserved Best music Video Awards.
It is worthy to note that other Nigerian Artistes also had nominations in different categorys.
It's also imperative to affirm that being nominated for the Grammy's alone signifies a strong professional recognition and success in path, as the  Industry saying goes, all nominees are potential winners,sincere Congratulations to you all.
In hindsight we must pause and graciously  look back as we give heartfelt kudos to our Legendary music Industry stakeholders dead and living who paid hefty dues by creating the much needed foundation and pathway for today's remarkable success stories.
Today a  Nigerian Artist can command N10m per gig depending on ratings.
Noteably the likes of the late Fela Kuti,Sunny Ade, Idris Abdul-Kareem ,Lagbaja ,my humble self,the media
amongst others played major defining roles towards laying a solid foundation for today's thriving music Industry through different conceived visionary ideas and actions,we remain proud that our noble efforts were not in vain.
Today's Nigerian music trend a creative fuision of Hip-hop and Afrobeat was polarised globally by the creativity and singular vision and sagacity of the late iconic Fela Anikulapo Kuti.
Idris Abdul -Kareem at his prime with the 50Cents saga  fought for the welfare of the Nigerian artiste thou the issue was allowed to degenerate due to naivity, lack of proffesional ethics and certain personal interests, costing Idris his Livelihood, Corporate ban and millions in professional fees.
I emphatically stress again at the prime of his career.
Lagbaja was the first Nigerian artist to stand firm and insist on N1m per gig in his motherland days creating a pathway for others to follow.
I humbly and personally set the stage, broke the barriers and changed the narrative by introducing and visibly creating a near level playing field for Nigerian and the International Artists through promotional ingenueity and embolding today's relationship trend with the advent of Wyclef Jean first One week,,  
5 City, 5 Gigs Tour of Naija as a notable game changer amongst others.
For the  very first time in the history of the Nigerian music Industry International and Nigerian artists recorded tracks, shot videos,rode in the same vehicles,partied together,stayed in the same hotels, became personal friends and related freely without any barriers, Nigerian artists were no longer seen as outcast in there own country they were recognised and seen as equals professionally, the aphatty was gone,finally the jinx was broken .
Our Legendary efforts as it may would have been meaningless if today's young creative minds had not imbibed the philosophy by taking it to the next level thus creating a globally acclaimed award  winning Industry.
This are indeed exciting times for the Nigerian music Industry and long may it continue.
It was noteably disheartening when occurrences like the Ghana Lounge brawl was reported,as artistes, major stakeholders and role models we must be mindful of our PR/ hype/beef strategy,brand perception and it's effects and implications on our overall brand and Industry globally.
It was  magnanimous indeed to hear that Davido has officially Congratulated Burna Boy on his Grammy's... Great way to go.
On a lighter mood what is the performance fee for a Grammy Award Winner ?
Once again Congratulations to OLUWA Burna, STAR BOY Wizzy other Grammy nominees and Nigerian artists in general
Long Live the Naija Music Industry.


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