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Hang-out with Mayegun
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Anita Natacha Akide more popularly known as Tacha or simply Tacha unknown to many was already a well established vlogger, instagram personality and makeup artist long before she featured in the popular Big Brother Nigeria reality show. She already had an online presence before the show further shot her to unprecedented fame and put her name on the lips of entertainment lovers and followers in the Nigerian scene.
While in the house, the Rivers born chocolate coloured beauty was extremely controversial and was determined to hold her own in a house dominated by foreign returnees. She got into brawls with almost all the housemates. Fans recall her famous fight with Seyi Awolowo whom she accused of being extremely laid back with the only claim to fame being his grandfather’s famous name.
Her fight with Mercy Eke who made history as the first female winner in the history of the show led to her disqualification. She took it in good faith which only led to an exponential increase in her fan base as her diehard fans saw it as vindictiveness on the part of the organizers of the show as she was tipped as a favourite to win. They crowned her the de facto winner and the entertainers who were backing her winning bid didn’t leave her in the lurch as they stood by her like the Rock of Gibraltar.
The brands in the clime flocked to her like bees do to the honey comb as they made her a brand ambassador of so many of them. Her instagram handle dramatically increased as she boasts of well over one million followers at the moment.

Among all the set mates in her time, she is arguably the most popular as she boasts of more brand ambassadorships and deals than any of them including the winner, Mercy.
She was alleged to be said to have a nauseating body odour with a song about it being made to disparage her but she shook it off as one of those things which only made her stronger. The worst thing that can happen to anyone especially a celebrity is not to be talked about and so all publicity good or bad is the necessary grease to continue to keep them relevant.
She has dual nationality as her late mother was Ghanaian with the latter country being matrilineal. This enabled her have a strong fan base in the country that was the first in West Africa to obtain political independence from the British colonial masters. The likes of Moesha Boduong, Afia Schwarzenegger sturdily supported her stay in the Big Brother Nigeria House.
She has a humane side to her as it’s not just all about business and controversy. She has used her immense clout to lend support to some charity causes in the country which shows that beneath her tough veneer is an extremely caring and loving girl who has a heart of gold and is determined to change the fate of the less privileged around her.
Her latest controversial act was in going to London at a time when the country which was once colonized about half of the world is on a lock down as a result of the corona virus which has killed about fifty-three people there. The country has been marked a danger for travelers coming in from there with President Buhari’s daughter being quarantined simply because of her recent visit there. It is one of the thirteen countries which the Nigerian government has slammed a travel ban from because of the virus. Is it sheer bravery or stupidity on her part to embark on what some critics call a needless trip?
We wish her a safe trip and she should please stay free from the deadly virus. On her return back home, she should avail herself of the opportunity to be quarantined as the virus shows no discrimination between the rich and the poor, celebrity or obscure.

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