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I follow Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche closely even at the risk of “stalking” her. Although I have never met her in person, I am absolutely proud of her and her achievements.
She has become a global literary icon who can very well look forward to a Nobel prize in literature in future. I am persuaded by her feminist ideology and her desire to see women independent, respected,honoured, empowered and celebrated
She is a beautiful woman with a unique sense of style, her hair, a work of art. She has her own family and from a well groomed upper crust academic family.
I think she is a pride to Nigeria and Africa. It is only to be expected that when she is accused of plagiarism, the highest crime in literature and intellectual attainment, many heads must turn.
Opinions will defer and judgements will be given depending on individual perspectives or idiosyncrasies. Chimamanda is about the most celebrated writer in Africa today. She mixes effortlessly with the most powerful and celebrated personages in the world today.
She is the toast of the best Universities in the world who queue up to have her as a lecturer during graduation ceremonies or commencements. She has collected more honorary degrees than Azikiwe. We expect the highest standard from her.
I think Uzor Maxim Uzoatu whose judgement and opinion on literary issues are well recognized, should give us more rebuttal or a better treatment of the allegations of plagiarism against Chimamanda by Anne Giwa-Amu.
Perhaps, the Association of Nigerian Authors ANA, should set up a Committee comprising of eminent literary scholars to review the two works. They should do a thorough investigation and a forensic analysis of content, story line, plots, imagery, semiotics, style, language etc,beyond the judgement of a court of law which can be overturned on appeal.
I think Anne deserves a fair trial:a conviction or an acquittal. The judgement must be beyond reasonable doubts.That is to say, reasonable members of the society including the best literary minds, cynics and doubting Thomases would be convinced about the outcome. I see Anne being mugged.
She may well deserve it if her guilt is established. But I am stirred and aroused when I see an underdog being mugged.
Even Chimamanda who has cautioned against the danger of a single story would not like that. Let’s hear more from Anne. I’ve not read Sade or any work by her so I am just being curious and cautious.

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