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Jack Rich the indefatigable pride of Niger Delta

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 Jack Rich the indefatigable pride of Niger Delta.....Black Celebrity Magazine  

Prudency, transparency and diligence are some of the hallmarks of a successful man in life. Starting a  journey to realizing your stance in life takes a lot of positive sacrifices. It is neither an easy task or what should be gotten on a platter of gold. All these sterling qualities are grabbed through hard work, proficiency and strict dedication. This is the story of Jack Rich , founder and president of Belema Oil. Jack Rich is a billionaire that has seen and had so many experiences in life both pleasant and bitter ones.  
He has made solid impacts  that have been felt by both young and old, male and female. There is no doubting the fact that his light has shone on everyone and everything he comes in contact with not just because of his benevolent acts but his commitment towards the entire Kalabari land and beyond.  
He has been widely recognised because of his humanitarian assistance to several communities in his hometown and to many individuals which includes his donation Secondly I am blessed with a great team and all Quo staff are passionate about what they do. Your team must share in thevision, for your business to succeed.
Recently back Celebrity Magazine while working on our new edition, where we are focusing on some illustrious sons of Nige Delta, we  visited some communities and we flabbergasted by some personal projects embarked on by Jack Rich led Belema Oil and his foundation. From water projects, to roads and also supporting some entertainers. Jack Rich spent huge resources during the covid 19 lockdown by distributing relief materials to a lot of people. Belema aid reconstructed and refurbished a 300 Bed capacity, fully furnished Isolation centre in Mabushi, Abuja. We learnt he is a publicity shy person, reasons why most of his charitable works are not publicised.
Like many, he is involved I do many humanitarian activities and came about this as a result of his yearning and constant need to affect other people positively.
From Black Celebrity Magazine findings, Jack Rich believes in  affecting the needy positively. In his own little way, it is important that he show a little kindness to the man next door. It’s unimaginable what we may have in our loft or stores which, may be useless to us but may just place a permanent smile on the face of another. The government cannot do it all alone, as a people We must show loads of love to those in need and if you cannot give money, give clothes. If you cannot give clothes, give love. Love can never be quantified and may even go longer way than monetary gifts. Apart from Popping Smiles Charity, he is also fully involved with funding a lot of  Non Governmental Organizations and individuals.
For Jack Rich, a father and caring husband, transparency and client satisfaction, has helped him excel in business and as such, he has never thought of quitting especially with his strong belief in prayers even during the most challenging of business times.  
Kalabaris are proud to have a son like you who have impacted the whole Kalabari land, Rivers State and Nigeria at large.

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