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There is an imperative need to put the facts into proper perspective on this issue.

Yes the said party was held during the lockdown period contravening the law as set by the Federal and Lagos State Governments respectively.

Rightly so, the Lagos State Government needed to make a topline example to caution other earing Lagos residents on the seriousness of the  corona pandemic and the  Akindele Bellos fitted the bill perfectly.

I won't want to go into how the party video found its way into the social media neither will I  want to entertain the publicity stunt theory of the third relm because it stinks,publicity stunts are meant to increase your earning potential not embarrass and ridicule you. As  Entertainment Industry practitioners our life's are directly or indirectly influenced by social media.
Social media in this case also provided the daming evidence for prosecution.

Yes the punishment could have been a lot stiffer but for the usual manoevers, my sincere gratitude will go to the amiable Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the sitting magistrate for tampering justice with mercy.
The whole drama started like a joke from a comedy series.. Ase party won foo..no bi naija we dey... noting dey pa.

Firstly, I must commend the Lagos State Government for pushing through the process meaning henceforth there are no sacred cows   once you are caught you face the music no matter your status in the society pastors, imams etc beware.
The sole decision to have the party and thus contravene the law was the Akindele Bellos, but the massive loss of income from endorsements, branding and patronage to Funkes brand becomes a very huge price to pay for making a bad call.

This is always the aftermath of sensitive issues like this globally as major clients who have spent years, resources and man hours building there respective brands will tend to dissociate there brands from you for obvious reasons.
This issue significantly raises the imperative need for Creative Damage Control Management (DCM) in today's Nigerian Entertainment Industry.
This issue if professionally managed would have had a much better outcome.

The name Funke Akindele rang through the media because it was the most popular name in the household that could sell media headlines,a proactive and seasoned Damage Control Analyst (DCA) would have opted to change the narrative and point focus by pushing JJCs name forward to take the fall and save his family the embarasment and loss of income after all it was his birthday being celebrated.he should have held his head up and like a great boxer gladly taken the punch on his Chin as the head and protector of his family.
Truth be told JJC should have shielded his beloved wife and mother of his twins who is a far bigger draw from this whole mess and it's aftermath as she obviously has far more to lose considering her current status, endorsement profile and the sensitive nature and timing of the offence.

Yes we are all prone to making mistakes some of which cost us dearly and taking the right steps at the right time would have further mitigated the outcome and punishment.

A professionally coordinated and remorseful media conference from JJC supported by his family comprising of
1 A formal apology to the Federal and Lagos State Government.
2  Declaration to henceforth abide by the lockdow nrules.
3 Declaration to professional support the corona virus campaign
Finally accept any other condition as the Government may deem fit to reduce the spread of the virus.
This statements would have indicated serious remorse and gone a long way in damage control appeasing not only the general public but the Government in particular.

As role models and people in the Entertainment Industry we are also prone to making bad calls but we must endeavour to deal with such issues before they get out of hand,it is how we manage such crises and it's aftermath that exemplifies us and our team.

Politicians and Entertainers globally surround themselves  with formidable teams for this special reason,they have mastered the act, we must take a timely cue and learn from this unsavory occurrence.
Funke Akindele Bello is and will always be a pillar in Nigerias Entainmentment and Nollywood Industry her overwhelming contribution towards the methodical growth and transformation of todays Yoruba Film Industry cannot be overemphasised.

This is just an untimely deep in a very successful career.
Funke Akindele Bello will most definitely rise and shine again.

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